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welcome leaders to visit and guidance our company

[Publish Date:2010-5-17 Source:金飞鱼柴油机有限公司 Hits:5789]

Warmly welcome leaders from NPC(National People's Congress) Financial & Economic Committee to visit and guidancce our company

The Vice Deputy Director of the NPC Financial & Economic Committee Mr.Shizhen Wen accompanied by Chunlan Sun, the Secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, Rongxiang Yuan, the Secretary of Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee to come to visit and guidance our company on May.11th morning. Our all staff gave warmly welcome to their come.

Accompanied by the leaders of our company, they visited the office buildings 、our products showrooms、our workshops etc. They checked the entire production process in our production assembly line , listened our company's story of development and our effective strategy against the global financial crisis.

During his visit, Mr.Shizhen Wen nodded approvingly and expressed his sincerely appreciation to our company's advanced production line and products'good-quality. And he also gave his full recognition on our orderly production environment and advanced production technology. He said he hope our company could seize the opportunities to accelerate the development, to promote the work to a new level and to make the new contributions to the economic development for the West Strait.

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