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Fuzhou TV Station Interviewed Our Company

[Publish Date:2010-6-3 Source:金飞鱼柴油机有限公司 Hits:5655]

In 2009, No.80 files was came into force by the Labour and Social Security Bureau of Fuzhou, Fuzhou Finance Bureau, and Fuzhou Local Taxation Bureau for reduce the burden on enterprises in Fuzhou and for stable the employment situation.  This year, (2010) NO. 88 files published by the Labour and Social Security Bureau of Fuzhou continue to carry out for reducing work-related injury insurance premium , and for reducing unemployment insurance premium rate, so that further decrease the burden on enterprises in Fuzhou.

Our company Fuzhou Golden Flying Fish Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.is one of enterprises that responsed to the Government's call actively and firmly about implement the social security and work injury insurance .

On June 3, 2010, Fuzhou TV station came to cover an interview with our company and investigate the implementation status in enterprises after the No.80 files came into force. Our Vice GM Minghua Feng and Chief Financial Officer Rong-Ying Lin accepted the interview. They accurately expressed that enterprises got benefits from the lower work-related injury insurance premium and the lower unemployment insurance premium rates. They also expressed enterprises'sincerely appreciated for the government's careness and support that the government's continuing implement to the policy this year.

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