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Service Term

The customer is supreme

◆ The service is enterprise's objective

◆ The quality is enterprise's life

◆ The customer is enterprise's God, is advanced, the highly quality power product for the user creation, provides, the high quality service conveniently, is our goal which we never stop.

◆ Before-sales service:

Our company sales personnel to the user in detail introduced the product model, the performance and the product related information, smiles the service customer.

◆ Sells serves:

Provides the instruction booklet assembly drawing, to the user introduced purchases the product the correct operation and the maintenance method. The company produces the customer feedback table, the track service customer, promptly collects the customer opinion.

◆ Post-sale service:

The user use gold flying fish product like has the quality problem, but F&Q on-line consultation, or directly relate switch ours sales personnel, we can reply as soon as possible, until the customer is satisfied.

◆ Service criterion:

Highly effective, quick, prompt, accurate.

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